Annual Report

Letter from 2023 TXAPA President Jason Exum

As the 2023 TXAPA President, I am excited to share an accounting of our work for you. It was an honor to serve alongside the many dedicated men and women of the Texas Asphalt Pavement Industry and it is humbling to see in print the size, and the scope of the undertaking and the many successes we share because of our partnering spirit. Our achievements in workforce development and scholarship fundraising are two things among many that are near and dear to me. This report covers the priorities as set forth in the Strategic Planning session held at the end of every year for the coming year. The TXAPA Board of Directors and Committee Chairs participate in the session, and we work diligently to be representative of the Association’s membership at large. TXAPA is a member-driven organization, and its staff and member leaders are always mindful of our duty to you and our industry. I grew up in this industry and it has been very meaningful to work together with my fellow members to make a difference. I thank you for the opportunity and wish you a blessed 2024.