All Hands Plan


  1. The Contractor and TxDOT representative should bring the All-Hands Plan to the pre-pave meeting and fill out the first page only. Make enough copies to distribute to those in the field.
  2. On the job site, distribute the All-Hands Plan and review page one and discuss pages two and three, making note of any decisions made.
  3. Use page four as a guide for a daily debrief.
  4. The contractor and TxDOT field representative should produce a copy of the final document with all notes.


PaveCool App Download

PaveCool has been developed to assist asphalt contractors, inspectors and engineers to make rapid decisions regarding cool-weather paving. A heat flow model is used to compute the temperature drop in the mat and the time it takes for the asphalt mix to cool from its delivery temperature to the recommended stopping temperature. PaveCool (iOS) PaveCool (Android)

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Asphalt Pro App Download

The Asphalt Professional’s Ultimate Field Tool. Asphalt Pro is designed with the professional asphalt contractor and inspector in mind. The app includes a number of tools to match workflow and inspection practices in the field. (iOS only)

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Paving Production Calculator App Download

The Paving Production Calculator is a tool for asphalt paving professionals to plan their paving jobs by helping to estimate trucking needs, paving speeds, compaction and other factors. The calculator can help optimize the job site, reducing inefficiency and contributing to smoothness.

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Balance Production Rates Video and Worksheet

Join TXAPA’s Director of Engineering and Technology Jim Warren for an in-depth look at the importance of balancing asphalt production rates (plant, trucking, paving, and compaction) relative to quality improvement. Jim will review several case studies and integrate the concept of “time available for compaction” and how that condition can actually be used to set…

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Paving By the Numbers

Troubleshooting guide to help determine the cause(s) of defects in the HMA mat.

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