About Us

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Who We Are: Our Mission

Texas Asphalt Pavement Association is a full-service Association for the asphalt industry. It serves the needs of asphalt producers, contractors, liquid asphalt suppliers, and interested firms dedicated to improving and growing the asphalt industry. The Association is committed and dedicated to providing the services and information that keeps its member firms and the industry on the competitive edge.

Why We Exist: Aims and Purposes

  • This Association shall be a non-profit organization, organized for the purpose of extending and promoting the use of hot mix asphalt pavement and improving its quality through study and research pertaining to the technique of all phases of manufacture or production and laying.
  • To unite in one state organization those persons, partnerships, firms or corporations who are engaged in the manufacture or production and laying of asphalt products.
  • To act as a central agency for the dissemination of information and knowledge relating to the composition and use of asphalt products.
  • To stimulate and encourage more extensive research relative to the manufacture and use of asphalt products.
  • To act and function as a promotional and educational Association on behalf of the asphalt pavement industry.
  • To stimulate and advance the general welfare of the asphalt pavement industry.
  • In general, to perform all lawful functions for the advancement and benefit of the asphalt pavement industry, including advocating responsible stewardship by members with respect to safety and the operating environment for the manufacture or production and placement of asphalt products.

What We Do: Our Services

With benefits that include everything from technical, marketing and educational services, TXAPA is your most valuable resource in the Texas asphalt pavement industry.

Technical Services

  • Technical assistance to members and awarding agencies in all phases of the design, construction, and maintenance of asphalt pavements.
  • Maintains liaison with TxDOT, FHWA, cities, counties, engineering and architectural firms, and developers to improve work programs, specifications, and testing procedures.
  • Provides expertise to members on laboratory and field testing, materials selection, structural thickness designs and mixture designs of asphalt pavement.
  • Provides personal technical advice and job site visits to assist members with asphalt pavement issues.
  • Provides technical seminars and member meetings to update and inform the membership of developing technical issues.
  • Maintains a technical specification committee that reviews and comments on proposed specifications.
  • Administers an email-based asphalt pavement information sharing network for TXAPA members.

Marketing and Educational Services

  • Publishes a quarterly magazine in both electronic and hard copy formats
  • Distributes a monthly electronic newsletter.
  • Active throughout the state of Texas conducting educational seminars and participating in trade shows.
  • Maintains close relationships with public works officials and their associations, acting as a liaison on behalf of its members.

Hot Mix Asphalt Center

TXAPA operates the nationally recognized Hot Mix Asphalt Center. Since 1993, the center has provided more than 10,000 certifications for asphalt pavement technicians conducting QC/QA duties on TxDOT projects.

Services For The Asphalt Pavement Industry

  • Maintains more than 15 active committees that meet on a regular basis to identify and address key asphalt pavement issues throughout the state.
  • Maintains a very high visibility with owners, specifiers, and users of asphalt pavement to promote a professional image for the asphalt pavement industry.
  • Awards annual scholarships to qualified college and/or university students who plan careers in the highway and road construction industry.
  • Participates in the TXAPA/TxDOT Quality Asphalt Pavement Awards Program. Award winners are recognized each year for constructing quality asphalt pavement projects.
  • Maintains close liaison with regulatory agencies to assist members in matters related to permits, compliance, and regulations.
  • Hosts TXAPA/TxDOT Partners in Quality (PIQ) meetings
  • Arranges for and provides qualified speakers for meetings and conferences designed to keep asphalt paving firms and users up-to-date on advances in the asphalt pavement industry.
  • Maintains close contact with the Asphalt Institute, the National Asphalt Pavement Association and the Asphalt Pavement Alliance for technical, promotional, environmental and legislative services on a national level.
  • Dedicated to the quality improvement of the Texas Surface Transportation system through a partnership among TXAPA members, government agencies, and the citizens of Texas.

Dedicated To Quality

Asphalt pavements are unrivaled in their ability to provide a permanent and economical solution to our nation's paving needs. No other engineering material available can match the smooth, safe, durable and environmentally – friendly surface of asphalt pavement.

The Texas Asphalt Pavement Association is a group of professionals concerned with providing the best possible asphalt pavements to Texas users. Please call us if your objectives include specifying, building and maintaining the highest quality asphalt pavements available.

TXAPA Doesn't Cost, It Pays!

Your membership includes access to TXAPA's asphalt pavement industry experts, marketing, and technical help, seminars, training courses and the credibility you get when you belong to the only association in Texas dedicated to asphalt pavement! The objectives of the Association are to promote the use of and improve the quality of asphalt pavements, to maintain good relations between members and public bodies, to encourage high professional standards and to enhance the standing of asphalt paving in the construction industry.

The Organization

TXAPA is a 501(c)6 non-profit corporation consisting of four categories of members: Regular Firms engaged in the production of and/or placement of asphalt pavement. Major Associate Firms that manufacture, produce, or sell liquid asphalt binder. Associate Any person, firm or corporation not actually engaged in the production of asphalt pavement, but interested in supporting high practice standards in the use of asphalt. Life Individuals, no longer with a regular member firm, who have contributed outstanding service to TXAPA.

The Texas Asphalt Pavement Association (TXAPA) was formed in 1944 and has grown into one of the largest asphalt pavement associationsin the United States. TXAPA strives to enhance the quality, performance, and usage of asphalt pavement through technical, educational, and training services.