Workforce Development

Texas Asphalt Pavement Industry Workforce Development Initiative

The Texas Asphalt Pavement Industry Workforce Development Initiative was established in response to an ongoing shortage of qualified candidates coupled with an overall lack of awareness that the industry offers excellent job security, higher-than-average wages, and upward mobility to anyone willing to be reliable, work hard and learn. The asphalt pavement industry recognizes that in addition to outreach aimed at college students and working adults, it is crucial to building a pipeline of candidates with exposure to career options starting as early as eighth grade. With these parameters in mind, the initiative has carefully chosen audiences and objectives on which to focus.



High School Students

Do you plan to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation?


College Students

The industry offers a variety of opportunities for university graduates.



Find your new start whether you are changing careers, crossing state lines, or immigrating. 

Areas Of Focus And Goals

Creating a four-year high school career and technical education (CTE) program in partnership with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the Hays County Independent School District. We have taken the first step towards achieving this goal by developing an internship program. Select TXAPA members in the Hays schools district will pilot the program. We will simultaneously begin building a full-fledged CTE curriculum, which is expected to take 2-3 years.

Developing a long-term strategy and marketing campaign to raise awareness of and promote asphalt pavement industry jobs. Market research kicked off in June 2022. The results are being used to create materials for print and digital touchpoints, including brochures, web site, social media, advertising, emails, text, etc. A social media teaser campaign launched in December 2022, with a full-scale launch scheduled for early 2023. Ongoing digital marketing will include fine-tuning to meet specific, measurable conversion goals.

Organizing boots-on-the-ground, known as “Workforce Rangers.” The effort, led by Women of Asphalt Texas, will draw upon TXAPA membership and TxDOT partnerships to populate the ranks of the Workforce Rangers, with the idea to capitalize on community involvement and relationships to gather intelligence on opportunities for the industry to participate in school-sponsored career exploration. Workforce Rangers will cultivate a calendar of events and coordinate industry presence through speaking engagements, career fair attendance, and other relevant activities.

FHWA Highway Construction Workforce Partnership Corporate Partner
TxDOT is partnering with The Texas A&M Transportation Institute to develop a portion of its Connect U2 Jobs program to find local workers for highway construction. The FHWA provides funding for the project through a Highway Workforce Partnership Grant. This portion of the program is industry-led and focused on working with a corporate partner (TXAPA) to develop a 15-week curriculum to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills they need to jumpstart their careers with a highway construction contractor. The audience is underrepresented groups in Bryan-College Station and surrounding areas.


Nathali Parker Weisman
KLP Construction Supply
Chair, Women of Asphalt Texas

TXAPA Board of Directors

Jason Exum
R.K. Hall Construction, Ltd.

Eric Schranz
Austin Bridge & Road, LP

Barry Clark
Peachtree Construction, Ltd.
Board Member

Glen Dvorak
Hunter Industries, Ltd.
Board Member

Alex Flores
Lone Star Paving
Board Member

Joe Forshage
Foremost Paving, Inc.
Board Member

Josh Houston
Vulcan Materials Asphalt & Construction, LLC
Board Member

Kal Kincaid
Gulf Coast — A CRH Company
Board Member

Robbie Roberts
Knife River
Board Member

Tracy Cumby
Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.
Major Associate Member Chair
Board Member

Ryan Pryor
KLP Construction Supply
Associate Member Chair
Ex Officio Board Member

Mike Brown
Texas Materials — A CRH Company
NAPA State Director