Custom Seminars

TXAPA provides our popular half-day seminars to cities, counties, and TxDOT free of charge. Instructor Chuck Fuller will travel to your location and present the material you request. You may build a custom program to suit your needs using any combination of the topics below or you may work with Chuck directly to build a custom presentation.

Communication (Complete)

Our Communication module is two presentations in one. We cover communication in general and then dive into the pre-paving meeting and the quality control plan in detail. We cover what should be addressed in the pre-paving meeting and provide a detailed five-step quality control plan that can be replicated in the field. 1.5 hours.

Communication Part One: The Pre-Paving Meeting

The Pre-Paving Meeting is your opportunity to use communication to avoid conflicts. Inspectors, area engineers, lab personnel, and record keepers will learn how to identify and resolve common issues during the -Paving Meeting before they occur in the field. The Pre-paving Meeting presentation is geared to spur conversation within the group. 45-50 minutes.

Communication Part Two: The Quality Control Plan

The Quality Control Plan presentation covers the five areas of an Asphalt Quality Control Plan and helps guide area engineers, inspectors, lab personnel, and anyone involved in asphalt project construction learn what to look for from the contractor and producer. The Quality Control Plan presentation is geared to spur conversation within the group. 45-50 minutes.

Joint Construction

Proper joint construction is the key to a long-lasting, durable pavement. The Join Construction presentation covers best practices for constructing longitudinal and transverse joints and can help evaluators know what to look for in determining a good versus bad joint. 40-45 minutes.

Mix Type Selection

The Mix Type Selection presentation covers the six mix types in TxDOT’s specification book and where they should and should not be used. The Mix Type Selection presentation is especially helpful for orienting new hires, designers, lab personnel, and other industry professionals to Texas asphalt paving. PG binders and aggregates are highlighted along with usage guidelines. 30-40 minutes.

Pavement Evaluation

The Pavement Evaluation presentation is designed to be a guide for evaluators participating in the TXAPA/TxDOT Quality Awards Program including a walk-through of the evaluation process and scoring system. The presentation is a good one not only for evaluators but anyone who needs to know what to look for in quality pavements. 40-45 minutes. 

Thermal Segregation

According to Asphalt Magazine, Thermal segregation is defined as temperature differences in the hot mix asphalt (HMA) mat as it is placed. Learn what causes thermal segregation, how to identify it, and most importantly, how to minimize it. 30 minutes.

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