Workforce Rangers

How Many People Are Missing From The Workforce?

Some sources estimate more than two million workers are missing from the US labor force. The pandemic further accelerated this workforce crisis leaving many businesses understaffed just as demands for goods and services returned to pre-COVID levels. But there is good news. Soon, a workforce more considerable than the baby boom generation will enter the job market. Employers in industries of choice will never have to worry again — if they intentionally position themselves in front of that workforce.

How TXAPA Is Helping The Asphalt Industry Connect To Its Next Generation

The Texas Asphalt Pavement Association has invested significantly in workforce research, messaging, and marketing strategy to help its members reach the asphalt industry's next generation. As part of the initiative, we ask you to match our investment and become part of an innovative, grassroots effort called Workforce Rangers. As a Workforce Ranger, you will partner with Career Technical Education (CTE) program directors at high schools in your area to expose qualified vocational students to opportunities in our industry. TXAPA will provide you with training, tools, and support, along with a process to make it simple.

The ideal Workforce Ranger is willing to dedicate a few hours a month as a community ambassador. Owners, engineers, lab technicians, sales representatives, human resources staff, recruiters – if you have struggled to find high-quality job-seekers and want to impact our industry's future, you are an excellent candidate.

Our goal is to recruit two Workforce Rangers from every TXAPA member firm. Rangers and their companies will be the first to know what resources and assets are available to help continue addressing this issue and receive insider assistance on implementing it—for example, training on writing compelling job descriptions, etc.

Want To Give Your Company An Advantage?

The first companies to partner with TXAPA will be the first ones to overcome the workforce problem. TXAPA will hold an all-day, in-person training for our first 100 Workforce Rangers at our campus in Buda, TX, in Spring 2023. Be sure you are one of them and apply today!

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