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The Quality Control/Quality Assurance Technician Awards is a joint effort of the Texas Department of Transportation and the HMAC Training & Certification facility. The program honors technicians from any level of hot mix certification (1A, 1B, and Level 2) and technicians from any level of soils and flexible bases certification (101, 102, 103, 201, and 202) who consistently excellence achieve excellence in performing their assigned duties.

  • 2022 SB Technician of the Year Chris Nguyen, TxDOT (Video)
  • 2022 Level 2 Technician of the Year Mark Dean, Longview Asphalt (Video)
  • 2022 Level 1A Technician of the Year Reymundo Garcia, Bay Ltd. (Video)

The HMAC Steering Committee selects the winner from nominations submitted by TXAPA members and TxDOT districts. Committee members include, from TxDOT, Tommy Smith and Ryan Barborak, and from industry, Corey Schwarz (HMAC), Cathey Galbreath (AECOM), Mike Brown (Texas Materials Group), Harry Bush (Vulcan Materials), Jerry Lee (Zack Burkett Company), and Brad Bradford (R.K. Hall Construction).