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As summer temperatures rise, employees’ water and electrolyte balances can get thrown off by dehydration throughout the workday. This condition—particularly common among outdoor workers—occurs when the body uses or loses more fluids than it takes in.

Dehydration is a serious complication that can cause fatigue, dizziness, and confusion, compromising workplace safety. As such, keeping employees hydrated at work is essential.

In addition to providing clean water on-site and scheduling routine refreshment breaks, instruct employees to follow these measures to stay properly hydrated on the job:

  • Track your consumption. Use a notecard or mobile app to record how much water you drink each day.
  • Sip regularly. Drink water throughout the day—even if you’re not necessarily thirsty.
  • Be careful in the heat. If warm conditions increase your need for water, ensure you have an ample supply, take breaks and get out of the heat if you feel weak, confused, or have a dry mouth. These symptoms could indicate a heat-related illness.