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Making Ladder Safety a Priority

March is National Ladder Safety Month, an annual initiative that encourages individuals to educate themselves on using ladders safely. Employees who utilize ladders to work from heights must understand proper safety protocols. Otherwise, such ladder use could result in serious injuries. 20% of annual fall-related workplace injuries stem from poor ladder usage, whereas more than 40% of fatal falls over the last decade have involved ladders. Don’t let your employees become a statistic.

Share the following ladder safety measures with your workforce:

  • Ensure the weight your ladder supports (i.e., you plus your materials) does not exceed its maximum load rating.
  • Keep your body centered between the rails of the ladder at all times. Never overreach; descend from the ladder while maintaining three points of contact and move it to a better position.
  • Face the ladder when climbing up or down.
  • By taking these steps, your workers can stay safe on ladders and avoid potential injuries.