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Almost everyone drives a motor vehicle in their daily lives. However, towing a utility trailer, travel trailer, or boat requires a different set of skills and techniques with the ultimate goal of arriving at your destination safely.

Tips for Safely Towing a Trailer

  • Stay Within Your Limits- Review your vehicles towing capacity and understand your vehicles Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and tongue weight. Capacities can differ by body style, bed length, drive train, and other equipment installed on the vehicle.
  • Check Tire Pressure– Maintain optimal tire pressure on your vehicle and trailer. This detail can impact stability, fuel efficiency, and overall safety during towing.
  • Select Correct Hitch Ball– Make sure the ball on your tow hitch is the same size as the coupler on your trailer. Incorrectly sized hitch balls are the No. 1 cause of trailer accidents.
  • Chains– Two safety chains provide and extra layer of security in case the trailer becomes disconnected from the towing vehicle. Choose the appropriate weight and size, and cross them.
  • Check Twice– Conduct a thorough walk through of your vehicle and tailer to check connections, chains, and lighting before driving away.
  • Weight Distribution– the rule of thumb is to load 60% of the weight in the front of the trailer and 40% distributed towards the rear.
  • Slow and Steady– Leave a greater distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you while towing a trailer.
  • Monitor Your Mirrors– Keep a watchful eye on the side and rear view mirrors, you not only want to be aware of what’s happening around you but on the load itself. If your load is higher than your towing vehicle be mindful of clearance levels and watch for low tunnels.