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TXAPA and its members have a long history of serving the state, cities, counties, businesses, and people of Texas. This proud legacy has service at its core in providing technical guidance to engineers concerning the design of asphalt mixtures, the design of pavement structures, construction, specifications, applications of asphalt pavements and how to manage, maintain and rehabilitate pavements.  TXAPA is proud to announce another tool for engineers in the form of the Texas Asphalt Pavement User Guide, a one-stop shop for asphalt technology. 

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Published at 10/6/2022

2022 TXAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Award: Large Airport Category

Congratulations TXAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Award Winners Austin Bridge & Road for Outstanding Achievement in Quality Construction of Asphalt Pavement, DFW Airport Large Airport


Published at 10/6/2022

2022 TxDOT-TXAPA Award: CP Dense-Graded

2022 TxDOT-TXAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Award
Division: Complexity Paving, Category: Dense-Graded


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